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Julia EudyI long searched for a daily organizer that gave me ample room to organize my creative thoughts and busy schedule.  I tried almost every commercial planner on the market but they either focused more on your work schedule and didn’t leave much room to organize family events and activities, or vice-versa.  As a parent and business owner, I needed something that could hold a full-day of activities or conversational notes, thoughts, and ideas.  I didn’t mind spending the money on something that worked for me, but I became frustrated when I discovered I was investing a great deal of money into planners that just didn’t fit my needs nor traveled from personal to professional activities – so I created my own.

The 2-Page-Per-Day Planner was the first.  I included a full 18 hours of schedule in one day and gave ample room to take notes or make reminders from the day’s activities. It also helped me keep better track on my healthy by prompting me to complete information about what I ate, how much water I drank and more.  The Week-at-a-Glance version was next.  It was inspired by friends Michele and Janet who didn’t have all the extra activities that came with juggling kid activities so this condensed version was born. Then came the Communication Guide and finally the Moon Goddess Planner.

At first, I only shared these with friends and family as a quirky hobby; but each year I received stronger suggestions from those using them that I should share them as a product line because they felt I finally cracked the code with time management. (To those friends – Thanks for the support!)

For those just landing on this page, I personally designed these products and work with local resources in my community to print and fulfill the orders. I encourage you to check out each one as they have their own personality.  Also –  to ensure you have a great experience, each planner comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Happy Planning!

Julia Eudy

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