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The Moon Goddess Daily Planner is designed to inspire you to pay attention and experiment for yourself how the movement of the Moon through the zodiac and varied phases of the moon as it orbits the earth, can impact your activities, engagement, and accomplishments.  Each month is produced in a black-and-white format and organized in an individual spiral-bound booklet to keep the size comfortable to work with and easy to archive.

The Story Behind This Planner

“For as long as I could remember I have been fascinated with the Moon and Astrology.  Not that I’ve been one to make life decisions by what my horoscope said or had faith in predictions made by others, but I was more interested in how it was designed to work.  I have always had a special interest in Astronomy and the movement of the Universe, but I didn’t know how to interpret all of the symbols or planetary movement for myself.  I stayed focused on the Moon and began to see a connection between the movement of the moon phases, communications, and human behavior.  I realized that similar behaviors have been observed for years by farmers, sailors, and Native Americans.

From my own curiosity, I began my own research. I discovered that for centuries ancestors from many cultures have believed that the Sun represents male energy and represents our strength, will or soul purpose.  The Moon Goddess represents feminine energy and our emotions.  Together, they bring balance to our life (Ying/Yang). The Moon is very complex (like most women) not only experiencing phases where the light of the sun is blocked by the earth (thought to make us go internal), but it also travels through each of the 12 zodiacs approximately every 28 days essentially changing the “mood” of the moons energy.

As I tracked communication activity for myself, I found patterns that replicated the zodiac and moon phases. Coincidence?  Maybe, but the emotions often encountered coincided with the moon’s phases or zodiac characteristics. What were the odds of that happening? The best way I could explain it to others was to imagine the Moon as the face of the Universe shining the light of the Sun on your life and the stars as a lens through which you saw your life and could apply those characteristics to refine our view or improve upon your life experiences. 

In my personal experience, tracking the Moon Phases and journaling the emotional influences I encountered helped me explore life from a different perspective.  If you are someone who turns to horoscopes or has interest in the Moon and the Stars, I invite you to use this planner to track and reflect on your life experiences using this tool.  Perhaps you too will experience a greater sense of well-being and refinement on your life’s purpose.”  

Julia Eudy



Each Month is in a spiral-bound booklet that includes a daily planner, activity log and includes:

  • One full-size calendar page to display the month’s activity with space for multiple morning and afternoon activities per day.
  • English based calendar that includes observance of key Federal, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan holidays.
  • Detailed instructions on how to track the moon’s movement and your daily activities.
  • Moon movement information to track how the Moon Phases and Zodiac Influence your schedule.
  • 2-page week-at-a-glance planning page with a summary of your tasks (personal and professional) and summary view of the week ahead.
  • Moon Phase Course schedule which shows the moon movement and void of course times in CST.
  • 2-page-per-day planning space gives you ample of room to manage tasks for the day.  The left side includes a task list, a space to record messages, and a schedule that starts at 5:00 am and concludes at 10:00 pm that night. The right page includes a space to track activities accomplished or reminders from the day, a gratitude keeper and a health record to track your general wellness and water intake.
  • An End-of-Month Reflection guides you on carrying over open items or note your progress in your Mind, Body and Spiritual journey.
  • Journal Section with ruled pages for you to collect thoughts or record quick notes.
  • Next Month’s full-view calendar so you can plan ahead on the fly.
  • Reminders to Carry Forward page organized by month to note important dates that you need to highlight for the next year calendar.
  • The spiral-bound design makes it easy to work flat on your desk or open like a notebook to view one-page-at-a-time.
  • Includes clear protective front cover and black protective back cover.

Since these are printed-on-demand, you can start your order any time of the year and not pay for months that you won’t use like store-bought planners!

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This product is printed on demand and packaged 3 months at a time so you can start organizing your schedule any time of the year. After your initial purchase, you will receive an email that will prompt you to pay for the next quarter’s planners. Once your order renewal is received, we will send you another package containing the next three planners in your schedule. Please allow 5-10 days for your order to be fulfilled (includes printing and shipping). Shipping options include USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, USPS Flat Rate Priority Express Mail, USPS Flat Rate International Mail, and USPS Flat Rate International Express Mail.   Please use the buttons below to select the appropriate shipping rage and delivery preference for your shipment.


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